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  • Department of Education and Science rules: each student must be 12 years of age by January 1st in the year following the child’s entry to Secondary School.
  • The Board of Management shall have regard for Department of Education and Science provisions concerning class size, staffing provisions and other relevant requirements concerning accommodation such as physical space and the health and welfare of children.


In the event of excess applications resulting in the school not being able to provide places for all applicants due to lack of space, priority will be given on the following basis:

a.All students from within the catchment area

b.Brothers and sisters of existing or past pupils, children of past pupils and children of staff


a.Invitations to an Information Night are sent to all pupils without prejudice.

b.The school adopts a policy of openness to all prospective pupils including pupils with disabilities. An entrance assessment is administered but it is not used as a way of selection or rejection of pupils

c.Application forms will then be sent to parents to be returned within 14 days

When applying for admission, please ensure that you have read the following:

a.Admissions Policy

b.The School’s Code of Behaviour and Conduct ….. (signed and returned)

c.School Prospectus

Note: Other school policies i.e. substance abuse / anti-bullying, will be issued to you in September.


In the context of main-stream schooling, St. Declan’s is committed to providing for students with special educational needs where possible. In order to cater coherently for these students, their previous educational records are assessed in advance of entry to St. Declan’s. Consequently this allows for application to be made to the Department of Education and Science for key resources and support for the students

The school may request a copy of a student’s medical, psychological report or Individual Education Report, to assist their placement

  • All information concerning students with special needs will be given to class teachers at the beginning of the academic year, enabling staff to provide appropriate and immediate support


Students may transfer to St. Declan’s at any time from another school, subject to the school’s Admission Policy. However the school must be satisfied with the reasons for the transfer and to this end information will be requested from the student’s former schools concerning attendance, educational progress, disabilities and special needs.

With the best interest of the student in mind and his educational welfare and considering the issues relating to mid-year transfer which may include subject choices, class sizes and available resources, the School Board may decide to refuse admission at that time and advise his parents/guardians to reapply if they so wish at the start of the following school year.


Where admission to a school is refused, the parent and child (or a student who is over 18 years of age) shall be informed of the appeals procedure in accordance with the Education Act 1998 and the Education (Welfare) Act 2000.

This Admissions Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis


1.The School Secretary will record absences each morning. A list of absentees will be posted in the staff room.

2.When a student is absent for part of a school day, a full school day or more than a school day, parents/guardians must supply a written explanation of the reasons for the absence. This is a legal requirement under the Education Welfare Act.

3.Students must attend all scheduled classes each day.

4.Any student leaving the school during school hours must provide a written note to be given to the Principal or Deputy Principal and then sign OUT from the Secretary’s office. On return the student must sign IN.

5.If a student is absent more than 20 days on aggregate the Principal is obliged to notify the Education Welfare Officer.

6.Full attendance for the school year will be rewarded by the presentation of a Certificate of Attendance.

The school authorities cannot accept responsibility for students who absent themselves from school for any purpose without prior permission. Parents are responsible for students when they sign out during the school day.


1.Classes will begin punctually at 9.00am

2.All students are expected to be punctual for each class, each day

3.Students who are late at 9.00am must report to the office to sign in

4.Persistent offenders will be sanctioned

5.Students who report late to class at other times will be sanctioned by the class teacher


1.The student may return to school only when accompanied by a parent/guardian

2.A first offence merits detention

3.A second or further offence may merit suspension.

4.Any student who has been truant may be denied privileges e.g. school trips etc., at the discretion of the Principal




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