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Behavioural Policy - Promoting Good Behaviour Policy

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Promoting Good Behaviour Policy


We are productive in promoting positive behaviour. St. Declan’s promote good and improved behaviour by students through a system of recognition and reward. Students, who obey school rules, produce good work, try hard, behave well, make a positive contribution to school life will be acknowledged and rewarded.

St. Declan’s has developed and will continue to develop its own methods to promote good behaviour. These include:  

1.Teachers are required to set high expectations for student behaviour, demonstrate good classroom management, give positive feedback about behaviour and model the behaviour that is expected from students. The school community conducts relationships in a fair, respectful and consistent manner.

2.Reference to the Code of Behaviour is a fundamental element of the curriculum. Rules and the rationale behind them are discussed as part of the S.P.H.E. / C.S.P.E. and Religious Education programmes, Assembly and Tutor Meetings.

3.The school journal is an effective means of conveying the positive behaviour of students to parents.

4.A reward system for each class encourages students to take ownership for their own behaviour.

5.A positive behaviour initiative is in operation in our school. On attainment of an agreed number of points the class will be acknowledged by awards agreed by the year group.

6.Students are informed of the contents of the Code of Behaviour and the standards expected of them.

7.Our Student Council was involved in the formation of the Code of Behaviour.

8.Our Parents Council and parent body was involved in the formation of the Code of behaviour

9.A copy of the school’s Code of Behaviour is issued to each student on their entry to the school; it is printed in their school diary. Parents/Guardians must sign their acceptance of the code of Behaviour in advance of their son/daughter taking a place in the school.

10.A reminder of the rules, the rationale behind them and the procedures followed should these rules not be upheld is delivered through the Pastoral Care system at the beginning of every school year.



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