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Behavioural Policy - School Expectations

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School Expectations


  1. We expect our students to be respectful, courteous and adhere to the highest standards of behaviour at all times.
  1. Foul or abusive language or an aggressive or threatening tone used to any staff member or to any member of the school community will not be tolerated and will lead to an appropriate sanction being imposed up to and including suspension.
  1. School property must be respected at all times and deliberate damage to school property will be severely dealt with - sanction up to and including suspension may be imposed and student(s) will be asked to make a contribution towards replacement costs. The use of Tippex (correction fluid) is banned


    • All members of the school community are entitled to your respect and cooperation.
    • Foul or abusive language demonstrates lack of respect and can cause hurt.
    • This encourages a positive environment for our school community.


  1. Bullying or harassment in any form will not be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately by school authorities (see Anti-Bullying Policy)
  2. Mobile phones and all personal audio devices must not be visible and must be turned off from arrival at school to departure from school. If this rule is breached the phone or device is withdrawn from student, held overnight and must be collected the following day by parent/guardian. A handling fee of €10 will apply.
  3. The unauthorised recording and uploading of images displaying school property or members of the school community is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students must dispose of all waste material as per the Green Schools guidelines and thus litter will be avoided.
  5. The terms of the school book rental and locker contract must be adhered to at all times.


    • Bullying causes fear, hurt and misery
    • The use of mobile phones is disruptive during school time. It is important to protect the privacy of all in the school community.
    • Keeping the school environment pleasant and litter free is everyone’s responsibility.
    • The schools’ and each individual’s right to privacy must be protected at all times.


  1. 1.Students will attend school in School uniform. Students’ appearance must comply with the school uniform policy (see Appendix 1 Uniform Policy).

There may be occasional non-uniform days during the course of the academic year.


  • Students should wear their uniform with pride, be dressed suitably for school activities and be good ambassadors when representing their school.


Regular and punctual attendance in school uniform is expected. Students are expected to be punctual for class at all times (Education Welfare Act 2000). Students should only use toilets and go to lockers at break times, before and after school (see Appendix 2 Locker Policy). A student absent from school must bring an absent note from a parent/guardian on the day they return to school.

If a student has to leave school during school hours a note from parent/guardian must be provided. The note must be given to the principal/deputy principal to be signed and the student must sign out at the office before they leave and sign in if and when they return (see Appendix 3 Attendance Policy). The Education Welfare Board will be advised when a student is absent for 20 school days as required by the Education Welfare Act 2000. If a student is late for school they must sign in and hand in an explanation note.


  • Time missed hinders students progress
  • The school is entitled to an explanation for your absence
  • In the unlikely event of a student being late for school a note explaining why should be signed by the parent/guardian and presented to the office when signing in.
  • Each student has a responsibility to uphold the good name of the school while in school uniform or representing the school.


All relevant materials for individual classes must be brought to class and all homework must be satisfactorily completed (see Appendix 4 Homework Policy). Students will be provided with a school journal at the start of the school year. If a student loses or defaces a journal they will be required to replace it at their own expense. Journals must be signed weekly by parent/guardian (see Appendix 4 Homework Policy).


  • Homework reinforces the work done in class.
  • Your journal helps you to remember what you have to do and to get organised.
  • Having the relevant materials etc. reduces disruption in class and helps learning take place.
  • The journal acts as a way of communication with parents/guardians and the teaching staff.
  • Valuable teaching and learning time is lost if you haven’t got pens, books etc ready in class.
  • It is impossible to do the subjects without the materials/equipment needed.


The terms of the school book rental contract must be adhered to at all times.


  • The books have to be used by other students in the future.  
  • Students who pay to use these books in the future are entitled to books in good condition.


Students must adhere to the school policy for internet access and use. Use of the internet or social network sites to display school property, images of members of the school community is strictly forbidden.

The following are not allowed on the school premises:

  1. a)Tobacco
  2. b)Chewing gum
  3. c)Alcohol
  4. d)All illegal substances (see Appendix 5 Substance Abuse Policy)

School will impose a handling fee of €10 if student is in possession of tobacco products or chewing gum. All rules and guidelines in the school health and safety policy must be followed at all times (see Appendix 6 Health and Safety Policy)

Students must adhere to the schools healthy eating policy (see Appendix 7 Healthy Eating Policy.


  • Student safety is important when using the internet.
  • Everyone is responsible for helping to keep the school environment pleasant and safe.
  • Chewing gum destroys flooring, school furniture, tarmac etc. It may constitute a health hazard.
  • Smoking on the school premises is prohibited by law and is unhealthy and dangerous.
  • Substance abuse is illegal, dangerous, unhealthy and addictive. It causes misery and in the longer term may even destroy a young person’s life.



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