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Behavioural Policy - Ladder of Referral

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Behavioural Policy
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Ladder of Referral
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Ladder of Referral

As a school community we recognise that parental involvement at each stage of the referral ladder may have a positive outcome on student behaviour.

Parental involvement may include notes in journal, telephone conversations and formal meetings.

Step 1 Class teacher

Classroom management is the responsibility of each class teacher (The class teacher deals with discipline within his/her own class as laid out in the school Code of Behaviour.   Appropriate sanctions may be used at the teacher’s discretion. (These should include some positive interventions.)

Step 2 Class Tutor

Recurring behavioural problems should involve the assistance of the tutor. Written documentation must be submitted to the tutor outlining the indiscretion and suggestions made for its resolution.

Step 3 Year Head

Persistent misbehaviour and serious breaches of discipline may be referred to the appropriate Year Head. Supporting documentation must be submitted to the Year Head.

Step 4 Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee consists of the relevant Year Head, Class Tutor and another teacher. The committee is charged with protecting the right of every student of St. Declan’s Community College to learn in a disruption free environment. The Discipline Committee advises the Principal on serious disciplinary issues:

  • The Discipline Committee will monitor students who are placed on a Contract of Learning
  • The Discipline Committee may meet students who consistently breach the school Code of Behaviour despite sanctions imposed.
  • The Discipline Committee may recommend to the Deputy Principal/Principal that a sanction be imposed up to and including suspension.

Step 5 Deputy Principal

The Year Head may decide to refer serious breaches of discipline to the Deputy Principal. The Deputy Principal may consult the discipline committee and make a recommendation to the Principal.

Step 6 Principal

A student may be referred to the Principal if the student demonstrates persistent misbehaviour, disputes a sanction imposed or if a serious breach of discipline has occurred. The Principal may refer breaches of behaviour to the Board of Management.


At each stage of the discipline procedure appropriate paperwork must be completed, dated and signed. Paperwork should be stored in the students file and a note to the parent/guardian referring to the indiscretions and sanction imposed should be noted in the student’s diary to be signed by the parent/guardian at each stage of the discipline procedure. Parents/Guardians may also be notified by letter. At any stage of the discipline procedure a student may be referred to the Guidance Counsellor or other appropriate personnel from within or outside of the school.



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