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Behavioural Policy - Internal Structure and Procedures

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Behavioural Policy
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Internal Structure and Procedures
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Internal Structure and Procedures

Role of Principal

In conjunction with the Board of Management the Principal is responsible for overseeing the implementation of school policy: Overall management, organisation, administration and discipline of the school including the development and supervision of staff, organisation of curriculum, management of school finances, communications with Department of Education and Science, parent body and the wider community.

Role of Deputy Principal

Assists the Principal in planning, organising and day-to-day running of the school. Is responsible for teacher substitution and implementation of the disciplinary committee in the school.

In the absence of the Principal the Deputy Principal is in charge of the school.

In the event of the absence of the Principal an Assistant Principal will assist the Deputy Principal in the running of the school. This will be done on an agreed rota system with the Assistant Principals.

In the event of the absence of the Principal and Deputy Principal an Assistant Principal will be in charge of the school. This will be done on an agreed rota system with the Assistant Principals.

Role of the Year Head

The Year Head has general responsibility for the welfare of a year group. The Year Head monitors student attendance and punctuality, academic performance and behaviours and liases with the parents of the year group

The Year Head works closely with subject teachers, tutors, guidance counsellor, SNAs, the administration staff the Deputy Principal and Principal.

Role of Class Tutor

The Class Tutor works closely with the student, subject teacher and Year Head. The Class Tutor monitors pupil journals and helps pupils to be positive in their behaviour and work.

Subject Teacher

The Subject Teacher has responsibility for maintaining good behaviour within his/her class and within the school premises and at all school related events or trips. The subject teacher is vital in promoting and maintaining high standards of behaviour and respectful conduct. To meet these standards reasonable and fair objectives, which are clearly explained, should be placed on the pupils. The subject teacher should make every effort to see that these objectives are met by the student.



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