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The amount of homework given in each subject area will be specified by the subject teacher. A rough time guide will be provided for each year group. Homework will be monitored by the individual class teacher. Any continually arising problems will be dealt with by the class teacher.

 A balance will be maintained between written and practical work and also between oral and learning work. Teachers will correct homework and give feedback to students. Special consideration will be given to students with special needs.

Students will have information concerning study and homework skills contained in their diaries. More detailed information will be outlined in the diaries of senior level students.

Recording of homework, grading and comments will be kept by each teacher. Parents will sign all homework journals to encourage students to produce the best work they can. Students should note each day’s work in their journal, also specifying when they don’t get homework in a subject area. Non-compliance with the homework policy will initiate disciplinary procedures.



Each subject department will develop guidelines on the amount of homework and the balance between written and practical work and learning and oral work for each year group. 

The year head and class tutors of each year group in consultation with the relevant subject teachers will develop a suggested time frame for homework for that year.

The guidance counsellor and remedial teacher will advise on designing homework for students with special educational needs.


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