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Goals of Code of Behaviour

1. Create a safe and structured learning environment for all students by promoting a sense of mutual respect among all members of the school community.

2. Have effective procedures in place which will allow for the day to day running of the school and which meet the demands of current legislation.

3. Promote good behaviour and self-discipline.

4Allow for the appropriate involvement of all school personnel.

5. Ensure understanding by the parents, students, staff and management of the Code of Behaviour and the rationale behind it.

6. Emphasise the promotion and acknowledgement of good behaviour.

7. Outline the strategies to be used to prevent poor behaviour or the ways in which positive behaviour is acknowledged.

8. Outline the structure of fair, consistent and agreed sanctions that will be used in response to negative behaviour.

9. Outline the interventions to be used when a student repeatedly or seriously misbehaves.

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